Puyallup United Methodist Church

The Circuit Rider is the newsletter that highlights the activities of Puyallup United Methodist Church. Published every other week, it contains current events, activities, inspiration and will help you stay connected with our community.

The current edition of the Circuit Rider is available here in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Please click on this link for the latest version. Circuit Rider - Current Edition

If you wish to review a prior Circuit Rider please check out the Circuit Rider Archives.

By e-mail or the US Postal Service, make sure you get your own copy of the Circuit Rider delivered to you each month. To receive to receive the Circuit Rider and other news by e-mail, subscribe here. If you would like to receive the Circuit Rider by US Postal Service, please contact the church office at (253) 845-0547, or send us email us at puyallupumc@puyallupumc.com.

Submission Guideleines

Items to be considered for publication should be sent to circuitrider@puyallupumc.org. Plan to get articles to Church office for the Circuit Rider at least 60 days in advance of your event. With rare exception, articles in the Circuit Rider are related to the ministries of Puyallup UMC. When submitting a picture of someone or an event please make certain that all included in the picture have signed a PUMC media release.

Articles for the Circuit Rider are due by the 3rd Tuesday of each month. E-News is generally needed by the second Tuesday of each month. Articles should be limited to no more than one-half page of text (margins of 1 inch) with print size at 12, preferably using Times New Roman. Special formatting may not transfer, so keep it simple. Do not use ALL CAPS unless it is to emphasize a point (but not every point!) Do not use a lot of bold for the same reason. Use simple text that can quickly be formatted.