Faces of Puyallup United Methodist Church
Meet people who are a part of our community. We hope that you will be inspired by their stories and will join us in creating your own stories

Freezing nights is a ministry that helps people who don’t have much or who have other problems and that need assistance for nighttime places to sleep. A place that just has caring hands that can talk to them. That’s where I feel my calling has been and I just love it. - Ronnie Price.

I was at a little restaurant in Puyallup and two ladies were standing behind me in the restaurant and overheard me say, “I said I sure wish I could find some friends in this area that are my age that have the same interests.” One lady tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Have you ever thought of joining Puyallup Methodist church?” - Judy Heidal.

I had always wanted to go to Africa. I just felt like God was calling me when I heard his draw and his call to serve my people.” - Jill Poleskie.